Last long run before the HM

18:51 min/mi1482 ft
29:06 min/mi14410 ft
38:50 min/mi128-67 ft
49:04 min/mi1122 ft
59:06 min/mi12630 ft
69:02 min/mi124-10 ft
79:08 min/mi13736 ft
89:02 min/mi130-9 ft
98:29 min/mi121-7 ft
108:27 min/mi123-13 ft
Total1:29:2310.0 mi8:55 min/mi129
118:112.02 mi8:59 min/mi146
230:433.41 mi9:00 min/mi122
325:282.82 mi9:02 min/mi131
415:001.78 mi8:26 min/mi122

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