Long run around the Heath
(10K W6 R4)

A lovely run across beautiful Hampstead Heath today rounded off a great week of training. I feel like I’ve really made a big step forward over past few runs, managing over 20 miles for the second week in a row as well as a 10K run at an average pace of 8:08/mile – much faster than anything I’ve done previously. My cardio and breathing was pretty poor when I started running, after years of nothing more strenuous than a fast walk, but it is definitely beginning to improve.

I was starting to have some doubts over my target of running my first 10K race at 8:00/mile, but with a few weeks of training still to go that now feels well within reach. I just hope the weather improves before the end of the month!

19:22 min/mi152-105 ft
210:24 min/mi165168 ft
39:58 min/mi162-118 ft
49:35 min/mi163-98 ft
59:51 min/mi170118 ft
610:16 min/mi16840 ft
0.89:13 min/mi167-12 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:06:35 6.8 mi 9:50 min/mi164
1 1:06:35 6.77 mi 9:50 min/mi164

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