LSR around Hampstead and through Finsbury and Victoria Parks

Longest ever run! I’m conscious I haven’t done much hill running having done much of my running over the past month in Worcester. So I deliberately included a loop around Hampstead Heath which includes two big hills before the gentle decent down through Finsbury Park. Felt a bit tougher than I’d have liked but legs felt pretty good and slight knee niggle from last nights run seems to have gone. Few more of these should really set me up well for the Bristol HM.

18:46 min/mi161-87 ft
29:23 min/mi172122 ft
39:20 min/mi17748 ft
49:01 min/mi161-211 ft
59:22 min/mi168-36 ft
69:44 min/mi173105 ft
79:42 min/mi171-31 ft
88:48 min/mi163-123 ft
99:27 min/mi167-43 ft
109:23 min/mi17336 ft
119:12 min/mi166-63 ft
129:04 min/mi172-2 ft
139:16 min/mi164-11 ft
149:26 min/mi168-4 ft
159:20 min/mi1715 ft
0.39:10 min/mi1732 ft
Total2:22:3215.3 mi9:17 min/mi169
121:112.30 mi9:11 min/mi169
231:343.39 mi9:19 min/mi168
39:270.95 mi9:54 min/mi174
439:514.32 mi9:12 min/mi167
520:532.23 mi9:21 min/mi168
617:541.88 mi9:31 min/mi170

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