Tempo run home (3.6m @ 7:39 pace)

Felt pretty tired all week after a busy weekend, so wasn’t sure whether to run this as an easy or tempo run. Decided to head out and see how I felt, managed 7:39 pace before I hit the hills, despite a bit of a headwind. Happy enough with that.

17:24 min/mi174-22 ft
27:25 min/mi1854 ft
38:32 min/mi18043 ft
47:42 min/mi183-2 ft
58:51 min/mi178198 ft
69:21 min/mi17614 ft
79:36 min/mi168-7 ft
89:21 min/mi1663 ft
0.48:58 min/mi17722 ft
Total1:11:258.4 mi8:33 min/mi176
17:140.94 mi7:42 min/mi175
28:401.15 mi7:32 min/mi185
311:481.53 mi7:41 min/mi183
47:430.84 mi9:11 min/mi177
59:271.00 mi9:26 min/mi178
610:421.14 mi9:21 min/mi168
713:481.49 mi9:14 min/mi169

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