Morning run to work (10K W8 R1)

17:43 min/mi1512 ft
27:46 min/mi179-148 ft
37:41 min/mi184-98 ft
48:13 min/mi18711 ft
58:37 min/mi184-52 ft
68:02 min/mi19010 ft
0.78:04 min/mi185-12 ft
Total53:506.7 mi8:01 min/mi180
19:241.20 mi7:48 min/mi152
27:140.91 mi7:56 min/mi183
35:460.78 mi7:21 min/mi187
43:450.44 mi8:31 min/mi185
56:100.81 mi7:37 min/mi184
619:292.39 mi8:09 min/mi187

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