One last run down to Regent’s Park

MISSING: Fitness to run a 3:03 marathon. LAST SEEN somewhere in Frankfurt. On the bright side, although HR was rather high the legs felt good and breathing was under control. Hopefully once I get back in to things I’ll soon be back on form.

17:28 min/mi166-56 ft
27:43 min/mi174-36 ft
38:22 min/mi186182 ft
47:41 min/mi181-90 ft
57:31 min/mi175-169 ft
67:29 min/mi175-72 ft
77:45 min/mi184-3 ft
88:05 min/mi18314 ft
98:11 min/mi18556 ft
107:51 min/mi18018 ft
0.88:15 min/mi1823 ft
Total1:24:4010.8 mi7:51 min/mi179
114:241.89 mi7:36 min/mi170
29:131.11 mi8:19 min/mi184
321:092.79 mi7:34 min/mi177
422:222.81 mi7:56 min/mi183
56:570.85 mi8:10 min/mi185
610:341.32 mi7:59 min/mi181

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