Tempo run (4 miles @ 7:37 pace)

GPS was totally screwy today, putting me several hundred meters from where I actually ran, so distances and paces were totally out and I ran to heart rate. For the tempo section I was running a planned new 4 mile route, and based on split times I managed it at 7:37 overall, pretty sure it was wind assisted though.

16:46 min/mi149-11 ft
27:20 min/mi17223 ft
37:34 min/mi18510 ft
46:20 min/mi187-41 ft
55:06 min/mi1875 ft
0.816:30 min/mi1829 ft
Total45:495.8 mi7:56 min/mi177
15:290.80 mi6:52 min/mi151
23:300.37 mi9:25 min/mi159
33:070.46 mi6:45 min/mi177
427:244.06 mi6:44 min/mi186
58:311.06 mi8:03 min/mi176

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