Trails down to Finsbury Park

19:18 min/mi17616 ft
29:01 min/mi177-116 ft
38:50 min/mi180-109 ft
49:20 min/mi18412 ft
59:26 min/mi1888 ft
69:51 min/mi18886 ft
710:22 min/mi18693 ft
0.59:48 min/mi1836 ft
Total1:11:127.5 mi9:28 min/mi183
112:321.34 mi9:19 min/mi177
215:331.77 mi8:47 min/mi179
313:071.40 mi9:22 min/mi186
417:071.74 mi9:51 min/mi188
512:511.26 mi10:09 min/mi185

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