Track session (5×600m)

Supposed to be at 5K pace, but like last time felt nice to go a bit faster. Not quite as consistent as last time, but not too bad!

16:16 min/mi177-0 ft
26:48 min/mi188-0 ft
0.87:17 min/mi1841 ft
Total18:522.8 mi6:45 min/mi183
5 ×2:05.0600m5:35 min/mi
Average1:23.3400m5:35 min/mi
WU1:010.12 mi8:19 min/mi145
12:05600m5:35 min/mi178
R1:14200m9:55 min/mi184
22:03600m5:29 min/mi189
R1:24200m11:15 min/mi185
32:07600m5:40 min/mi190
R1:30200m12:04 min/mi186
42:07600m5:40 min/mi189
R1:28200m11:48 min/mi184
52:03600m5:29 min/mi190
WD2:280.26 mi9:20 min/mi178

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