Track session (6 × (200m, 200m, 400m))

I always find it hard to judge these shorter sessions, as the margins are so much smaller than when doing mile reps or a tempo run. However I averaged 37.7 seconds for the 200m reps, and 79.8 for the 400m reps, versus 39.7s and 81.3s last time around. Over these shorter distances I suppose a second or two is a fairly big difference, so definitely showing progress…

16:52 min/mi175-3 ft
26:56 min/mi181-7 ft
36:56 min/mi1852 ft
47:08 min/mi1773 ft
57:14 min/mi1762 ft
67:00 min/mi1773 ft
Total42:066.0 mi7:01 min/mi178
12 ×:37.3200m4:59 min/mi
6 ×1:19.3400m5:19 min/mi
Average1:16.9400m5:09 min/mi
WU:250.05 mi8:54 min/mi162
1:37200m4:57 min/mi155
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi174
2:36200m4:49 min/mi172
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi178
31:18400m5:13 min/mi186
R2:24400m9:39 min/mi173
4:37200m4:57 min/mi173
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi180
5:37200m4:57 min/mi178
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi186
61:20400m5:21 min/mi188
R2:33400m10:15 min/mi186
7:37200m4:57 min/mi186
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi185
8:37200m4:57 min/mi179
R1:09200m9:15 min/mi185
91:19400m5:17 min/mi190
R2:35400m10:23 min/mi172
10:38200m5:05 min/mi172
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi178
11:37200m4:57 min/mi176
R1:11200m9:31 min/mi183
121:21400m5:25 min/mi178
R2:48400m11:15 min/mi177
13:38200m5:05 min/mi171
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi173
14:38200m5:05 min/mi175
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi176
151:20400m5:21 min/mi178
R2:40400m10:43 min/mi179
16:39200m5:13 min/mi177
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi176
17:36200m4:49 min/mi173
R1:16200m10:11 min/mi177
181:18400m5:13 min/mi180
WD:230.02 mi23:37 min/mi177

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