Track tempo session (3.5 mi @ LT)

Decent pace/HR today. Cut half a mile short so I could pre-order my iPhone 7 – sad Apple fanboy that I am! First run in the Takumi Rens – very comfy, almost as light as the Sens but slightly more cushioning. Should be good for the Worcester 10K next week.

16:17 min/mi178-1 ft
26:22 min/mi1850 ft
36:21 min/mi186-1 ft
0.66:14 min/mi1862 ft
Total22:393.6 mi6:19 min/mi184
1:130.02 mi8:40 min/mi126
222:193.54 mi6:17 min/mi184
3:050.01 mi6:50 min/mi187

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