Testing out new track spikes

A couple of laps of the track to test my new spikes, with a few strides. Spikes seem comfy, you can definitely feel the lack of cushioning, but I felt like they were encouraging better running form. Wasn’t going all out on the strides as I want to ease myself in to them.

17:51 min/mi152-12 ft
0.18:47 min/mi14712 ft
Total8:591.1 mi7:56 min/mi152
12:590.35 mi8:25 min/mi159
2:180.07 mi4:26 min/mi163
3:460.07 mi10:14 min/mi147
4:180.06 mi5:05 min/mi150
5:440.08 mi8:50 min/mi153
6:180.07 mi4:33 min/mi143
7:440.08 mi9:26 min/mi147
8:190.06 mi5:12 min/mi139
92:290.29 mi8:37 min/mi147

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