Week in Review (W/E 11th September 2016)

This week was a recovery week in the plan, although 70 miles with a 18 mile long run, 15 mile midweek medium-long run, and a 4 mile tempo run, isn’t exactly taking it easy! I suppose given the shorter build-up in the 12 week plan, versus the full 18 week plan, Pfitzinger has to be a little more aggressive. And actually, my legs do feel genuinely rested with “just” 70 miles in them. Funny how perspectives shift!

The start of the week was a bit of a sweat-fest with very high humidty, but I got through the runs fine and was pleased with the pace of the 15 miler on Wednesday morning. The tempo run on Friday also went well, 3.5 miles came out at 6:18/mi and felt comfortable, which I’m pleased with. Should have been 4, but I had to stop as it had just turned 8am and I needed to preorder my new phone, silly Apple fanboy that I am! I also had the chance to try out my fancy new adidas Avanti track spikes…

adidas adizero Avanti Boost

Total overkill for my needs, but I had a voucher to use and they look so cool, I couldn’t resist! It was weird running with so little cushioning but they were comfortable and it felt like they were encouraging good form. Will slowly ease in to them, and probably only use for shorter intervals. The extra grip will be nice in the winter.

Today’s long run was one of those runs that just felt great – the weather was lovely, still, sunny and relatively cool – and London’s parks looked lovely. 18 miles passed by happily, and I almost wished I was doing a longer run today!

I’ve now got the final big block of training coming up. I’m looking forward to having a solid go at the Worcester 10K next week, and the Bristol HM the week after. Just 49 days until Frankfurt now and I’m feeling good that if I can keep things ticking along as they are I should be able to have a solid crack at a sub-3:05 time.

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