Week in Review (W/E 7th August 2016)

So, a week on from my 10K PB I have found myself gradually become more happy with the result, much like the Brighton Marathon earlier in the year. I definitely think I had a faster time than 38:52 in me, but on that particular day it wasn’t to be. I’m still very happy with my 10K training block, which featured four 80+ mile weeks and a 92 day running streak. I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been before, and will be going in to marathon training in great condition.

I’ve enjoyed my rest week this week, and covered just 13 miles running – in a few weeks I’ll be doing a 13+ mile run three times a week!! I had originally hoped to use this rest week to take some swimming lessons but due to chronic disorganisation at the pools I tried this didn’t happen in the end. Still, a quiet week means I’m mentally and physically rested, and ready for the next 12 weeks of marathon training for Frankfurt.

I will be doing a Pfitzinger plan again, from his book “Advanced Marathoning”. After coping well with the 80+ mile weeks I’m happy to step up to the 70-85 mile a week plan, and it will be interesting to see how I fair with a 12 week plan, versus the 18 week plan I’ve done for both my previous marathons. Given that I’m already in decent fitness, and kept up the 16 mile long runs during 10K training, I’m hoping I should be able to ease in to it reasonable easily. Although as usual the medium-long runs in the week look daunting.

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