Week in Review (W/E 8th May 2016)

Another week of slowly ramping up the mileage, back up to 43 miles this week. Everything during the week was kept easy/recovery, and my pace is still a bit slow for the effort. It’s slightly depressing slogging away at slower speeds when I feel so strong and speedy a month or so back. Still, I’m trying to stay motivated and just ride out this dip in form. It’s happened before and I’ve come back stronger than ever, so just have to keep the faith!

Saturday saw the first faster running I’ve done since the marathon. It went neither as well as I’d hoped, or as badly as I feared, so I guess you can call that a score-draw. Hopefully this will kick start my fitness back in to gear, will be interesting to see how my next track session goes on Wednesday. I’m also running the Bristol 10K next Sunday. I had hoped to run at least sub-40, but given my pace yesterday that seems unlikely. We shall see…

I’ve managed to keep up my yoga and strength training which I’m very pleased about. Four yoga sessions plus two strength workouts this week. The yoga is a really nice way to finish off a run, and I’m surprised by how much I enjoy it – I really thought I’d find it a bit boring. I seem to be getting better at the strength training exercises too, I might have to look in to buying some weights to make them a little tougher. I’ll never be Mr Universe, but I’m confident these routines will really aid my running.

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