5️⃣ (inc. Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun #213)

20:12. Pretty happy with that as I definitely have a bit of fatigue left in the legs from the FoD half. Hopefully next week after a taper week I might be able to finally break 20 again 🤞

17:28 min/mi1633 ft
26:35 min/mi168-16 ft
36:32 min/mi21017 ft
46:24 min/mi210-18 ft
57:10 min/mi17722 ft
0.28:07 min/mi180-11 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 36:03 5.1 mi 7:01 min/mi185
1 36:02 5.12 mi 7:02 min/mi185

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