Final track session (3 × 1 mi)

Phew, hard work today with a very gusty wind on the home straight. Given that relatively pleased with the pace. I could have pushed a little harder but mindful an amazing session today isn’t necessarily best for an amazing marathon in 10 days time!

No more sessions left now, and only one run over 10 miles. Just got to get to the start line healthy and injury free…

18:25 min/mi1669 ft
28:07 min/mi167-113 ft
38:39 min/mi172-58 ft
46:01 min/mi184-6 ft
57:52 min/mi181-9 ft
68:24 min/mi1786 ft
76:29 min/mi1924 ft
88:24 min/mi16746 ft
0.18:13 min/mi170-7 ft
Total1:03:268.1 mi7:48 min/mi175
3 ×6:10.31600m6:12 min/mi
Average1:32.6400m6:12 min/mi
WU27:003.22 mi8:23 min/mi169
16:061600m6:08 min/mi193
R3:42450m13:13 min/mi162
26:101600m6:12 min/mi195
R4:12500m13:31 min/mi158
36:151600m6:17 min/mi191
R:4950m26:17 min/mi188
WD9:071.08 mi8:24 min/mi168

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