Intervals (6×800m)

Track closed for another sports day so ran the intervals on the relatively flat stretch at the bottom of Parliament Hill. Hard to judge speeds as I was dodging potholes and dogs vs the usual flat and empty track, but felt like a decent enough session.

16:56 min/mi180-18 ft
27:02 min/mi1798 ft
37:57 min/mi1731 ft
47:27 min/mi175-5 ft
0.47:13 min/mi1880 ft
Total32:324.4 mi7:20 min/mi178
6 ×3:05.7800m6:13 min/mi
Average1:32.8400m6:13 min/mi
WU:050.01 mi12:55 min/mi126
13:00800m6:02 min/mi184
R2:28400m9:55 min/mi176
23:05800m6:12 min/mi190
R2:27400m9:51 min/mi173
33:07800m6:16 min/mi177
R2:39400m10:39 min/mi176
43:05800m6:12 min/mi171
R2:28400m9:55 min/mi168
53:07800m6:16 min/mi171
R2:38400m10:35 min/mi180
63:10800m6:22 min/mi187
R1:06200m8:51 min/mi183
WD:020.00 mi10:20 min/mi192

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