Sunny eight up to Hampstead

19:04 min/mi164-107 ft
29:53 min/mi178159 ft
39:42 min/mi1786 ft
49:13 min/mi171-188 ft
59:37 min/mi170-34 ft
69:55 min/mi179108 ft
79:13 min/mi17444 ft
89:09 min/mi175-15 ft
0.48:57 min/mi18128 ft
Total1:19:278.4 mi9:27 min/mi174
111:131.22 mi9:09 min/mi164
210:151.02 mi10:01 min/mi182
333:583.54 mi9:35 min/mi173
424:232.62 mi9:18 min/mi176

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