Track session (6 × (200m, 200m, 400m))

My legs felt pretty beaten up yesterday, so wasn’t sure how today would go. Thankfully they felt a lot better today on the warm-up to the track, and I ended up running this session better than I ever have before. Ironically I think because I was tired I pushed a little harder and kept up my concentration, meaning the intervals were pretty consistent.

Averaged 39.7s for the 200m reps, and 81.3 for the 400m reps. Beautiful sunny morning down at the track too.

17:17 min/mi161-1 ft
27:15 min/mi166-4 ft
37:14 min/mi171-4 ft
47:30 min/mi1681 ft
57:22 min/mi1602 ft
0.97:05 min/mi1707 ft
Total43:155.9 mi7:17 min/mi166
12 ×:39.2200m5:15 min/mi
6 ×1:20.8400m5:25 min/mi
Average1:19.6400m5:20 min/mi
WU:220.04 mi8:35 min/mi135
1:40200m5:21 min/mi156
R1:11200m9:31 min/mi164
2:40200m5:21 min/mi156
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi166
31:23400m5:33 min/mi167
R2:27400m9:51 min/mi161
4:38200m5:05 min/mi161
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi163
5:39200m5:13 min/mi165
R1:09200m9:15 min/mi167
61:20400m5:21 min/mi168
R2:30400m10:03 min/mi167
7:39200m5:13 min/mi163
R1:11200m9:31 min/mi166
8:39200m5:13 min/mi178
R1:09200m9:15 min/mi176
91:19400m5:17 min/mi179
R2:44400m10:59 min/mi165
10:39200m5:13 min/mi164
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi168
11:40200m5:21 min/mi173
R1:16200m10:11 min/mi175
121:22400m5:29 min/mi176
R2:43400m10:55 min/mi162
13:40200m5:21 min/mi165
R1:16200m10:11 min/mi163
14:38200m5:05 min/mi169
R1:17200m10:19 min/mi169
151:21400m5:25 min/mi152
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi155
16:39200m5:13 min/mi166
R1:16200m10:11 min/mi168
17:39200m5:13 min/mi170
R1:14200m9:55 min/mi173
181:20400m5:21 min/mi179
WD:200.02 mi18:26 min/mi177

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