Week in Review (W/E 21st August 2016)

Second week of marathon training, and the miles are starting to rack up with double-digit miles in 5 out of 7 days. I’m doing most of my longer runs in the mornings before breakfast which I am hoping will help improve my fat burning ability and mean I survive the end of the marathon better. I have previously done some medium-long runs without breakfast but this is the first time I’ve done my big long runs fasted. Both this week and last week it seems to have gone well, and I ticked along at a decent pace. I did take some Lucozade Sport with me this time, mainly to wet the whistle as I do sweat a lot in the summer heat/humidity.

I’m pleased to have stuck with the yoga and strength training as well so far. Sometimes when I get back home after a run I don’t really feel like doing the extra yoga session, but I always feel glad to have done it once it’s completed. And it definitely seems to make a difference – after my 20 miler my legs didn’t feel as stiff as they normally do following a long run, and the next day they felt surprisingly fresh on the morning recovery run.

Weird to think it’s only just over 2 months until Frankfurt now. Have a lot of hard work to put in between now and then, but looking forward to seeing what I can do at the end of October…

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