Week in Review (W/E 25th September 2016)

A busy week! Following on from my PB at the Worcester 10K I had a few easier days to let the legs recover. My calves were initially quite stiff, as is often the case after a hard 10K, but they gradually eased up and felt fine to do an intervals session on Wednesday – 5 x 1200m. The pace on these was a little disappointing, averaging 6:03/mi vs the 5:55/mi (5K pace) suggested in the plan. I think the 10K was still in my legs though, so overall not a disaster, and it got the blood pumping in any case.

I then had a good medium-long run the next day, hitting a decent pace and a reasonably low heart rate. It was then a case of just ticking over until the Bristol Half. You can read more about that here, but in short the high mileage over the past few weeks caught up with me a bit towards the end. However overall it was a decent performance and still a big PB. Frankfurt is the main goal at the moment, and it was certainly good training for that.

Two more weeks of heavy training before things start to taper back. Just over a month to go until Frankfurt! Not long now…

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