Windy track session (6 × (200m, 200m, 400m))

Equal distance jog recoveries. Pleased with the times today, good consistency and faster than last time despite a strong wind on the back straight which made the 200m repeats mostly in to the wind.

I think my strength training might be starting to pay off, as my legs don’t seem to tire as much throughout a session like they used to.

17:05 min/mi176-1 ft
27:12 min/mi175-2 ft
37:28 min/mi178-2 ft
47:10 min/mi181-5 ft
57:25 min/mi1810 ft
0.97:12 min/mi18610 ft
Total42:515.9 mi7:16 min/mi179
12 ×:40.3200m5:24 min/mi
6 ×1:23.8400m5:37 min/mi
Average1:22.3400m5:30 min/mi
WU:200.04 mi8:19 min/mi132
1:39200m5:13 min/mi157
R1:08200m9:07 min/mi179
2:39200m5:13 min/mi177
R1:07200m8:59 min/mi183
31:23400m5:33 min/mi188
R2:16400m9:07 min/mi175
4:39200m5:13 min/mi174
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi178
5:41200m5:29 min/mi173
R1:08200m9:07 min/mi179
61:24400m5:37 min/mi173
R2:26400m9:47 min/mi171
7:40200m5:21 min/mi171
R1:11200m9:31 min/mi175
8:40200m5:21 min/mi174
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi176
91:25400m5:41 min/mi183
R2:23400m9:35 min/mi186
10:41200m5:29 min/mi182
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi182
11:41200m5:29 min/mi183
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi179
121:24400m5:37 min/mi182
R2:38400m10:35 min/mi180
13:42200m5:37 min/mi179
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi179
14:40200m5:21 min/mi179
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi176
151:24400m5:37 min/mi183
R2:21400m9:27 min/mi188
16:41200m5:29 min/mi185
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi185
17:41200m5:29 min/mi186
R1:11200m9:31 min/mi185
181:23400m5:33 min/mi187
WD:240.02 mi16:23 min/mi189

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