Week in Review (W/E 26th June 2016)

A recovery week this week, providing a bit of rest after the heavy mileage of the past three weeks, plus chance to taper a little for the Swansea Half. With the 10K at the end of July being my “A” race, I still did the scheduled track session. Originally I had planned to do this Tuesday, but the legs still felt a little tired from the City of London Mile so I shifted it to Wednesday. Everything else for the week was kept easy leading up until Sunday.

The track session went well and I felt much more in control for all the efforts. They were also nice and consistent, and I even managed to make the final rep my fastest. I didn’t quite hit the required pace for a 38:00 10K, but that’s partly because I was running to GPS pace, which always came out a few seconds slower. I think next time I will aim to be a few seconds under to give myself a cushion. Still, all heading in a positive direction in any case.

You can read a full write up of the Swansea Half here, but in short a disappointing performance where I missed out on the PB I was hoping for. Lots of positives to take from it though, and the legs have recovered well since which is always good. Another month of solid training now and hopefully I can put in a good performance in Battersea Park on July 30th.

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