Bright10 2016 (at target marathon pace)

Average pace right on what I was aiming for, despite rather breezy conditions. Overall very pleased given the weather. Roll on Frankfurt!

16:56 min/mi1493 ft
26:58 min/mi16924 ft
37:00 min/mi175-21 ft
46:55 min/mi1745 ft
57:00 min/mi184-2 ft
66:57 min/mi174-18 ft
77:04 min/mi178-5 ft
87:07 min/mi1824 ft
96:59 min/mi18227 ft
106:48 min/mi183-19 ft
Total1:09:5410.0 mi6:59 min/mi175
16:561.00 mi6:57 min/mi149
27:041.01 mi6:59 min/mi169
36:510.98 mi6:58 min/mi175
420:533.00 mi6:57 min/mi177
513:561.96 mi7:05 min/mi180
67:061.02 mi6:59 min/mi182
77:021.04 mi6:46 min/mi183

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