Day one of C25K week four

My plans to restart running last weekend didn’t quite work out, as my ankle was refusing to completely heal and I didn’t want to start back too early and just make things worse. My plans to return to running were further complicated by the onset of incredibly cold weather this week, making running in shorts an impossibility.

At the Nike store I tried on a pair of running tights but they were so form-fitting as to be indecent, and there was no way I’d feel comfortable running in them with anyone around. The only other option seemed to be jogging bottoms which seemed rather baggy and not that suitable for running so I felt a bit stuck for options. Thankfully my colleague recommended Ronhill Tracksters which are absolutely perfect – well fitting, incredibly comfortable and with just enough give to provide a little modesty.

I was concerned I’d find this run really tough after 10 days off, especially with the cold weather making breathing harder. Despite this I decided to push on and start week four which has quite a large increase in running up to sixteen minutes, from nine in week three. I deliberately moderated my pace not knowing how my ankle would be, or how I’d cope with the long runs, but thankfully got on fine. Looking forward to pushing a little harder next time!

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