Easy run home

Legs felt good today, and effort felt easy, but pace/heart rate not where I’d expect them to be. Not sure if it’s just fatigue from the marathon still hanging about? Not going to worry too much, I have an easy few weeks planned anyway.

18:19 min/mi168-23 ft
28:52 min/mi174-6 ft
37:59 min/mi18146 ft
48:40 min/mi178-6 ft
59:08 min/mi184179 ft
0.38:10 min/mi1842 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 45:13 5.3 mi 8:34 min/mi178
1 22:25 2.54 mi 8:49 min/mi174
2 17:42 2.03 mi 8:43 min/mi180
3 5:05 0.55 mi 9:15 min/mi186

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