First pain free six miles for a while

Finally feel like my leg is getting somewhere, after many false hopes. Last week I managed three runs without any niggles, building to 4 miles on Friday, so I decided to give it a rest over the weekend and attempt 6 miles today. Went really well, although I did start out pretty fast (8:30 min/miles) so took a one minute break at the half way point. After the 4 mile mark I dropped down to 9:30 min/miles as I didn’t want to push myself too much. Bit scary that 8:30 felt so tough given my performance levels pre-injury but still really pleased to have made it to six miles without any pain or niggles. At this stage with Brighton 3 weeks out I’ve written it off as a training run, but I’m now hopefully I will at least be in an ok state to manage the 13.1 miles, although definitely not at the pace of my last HM!

18:29 min/mi
28:27 min/mi
38:28 min/mi
49:27 min/mi
59:24 min/mi
69:20 min/mi
Lap Time Distance Pace
Total 53:40 6.0 mi 8:56 min/mi
1 27:11 3.12 mi 8:42 min/mi
2 6:45 0.78 mi 8:37 min/mi
3 19:41 2.10 mi 9:21 min/mi

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