Intervals (6×1000m @ ~6:48 pace)

Felt better than last week, partly because I took it easier on the bike, partly because the weather was cooler. Very windy on the home straight for the middle 3 intervals. Pace getting back closer to my peak in June,

18:15 min/mi1670 ft
27:32 min/mi1870 ft
37:37 min/mi187-0 ft
47:41 min/mi179-3 ft
57:54 min/mi1831 ft
67:52 min/mi1851 ft
0.29:47 min/mi1813 ft
Total49:086.2 mi7:53 min/mi181
6 ×4:12.81000m6:46 min/mi
Average1:41.1400m6:46 min/mi
WU6:280.72 mi8:58 min/mi161
14:051000m6:34 min/mi191
R2:53450m10:18 min/mi180
24:091000m6:40 min/mi191
R2:56450m10:29 min/mi180
34:151000m6:50 min/mi190
R2:56450m10:29 min/mi165
44:141000m6:48 min/mi186
R3:03450m10:54 min/mi176
54:191000m6:56 min/mi186
R3:11450m11:23 min/mi179
64:151000m6:50 min/mi189
R2:04400m8:18 min/mi182
WD:130.01 mi15:44 min/mi177

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