Long run down to St James’s Park and back

Very happy with today’s long run. Legs have felt surprisingly good all week, and seemed really fresh at the start of the run. Felt good the whole way through the run, obviously a little tired towards the end but not too bad at all. Bit breezy out today too, although the drop in temps definitely helps things. 86 miles this week, my biggest ever week!

16:58 min/mi162-56 ft
27:21 min/mi170-39 ft
38:23 min/mi175184 ft
47:30 min/mi171-82 ft
57:05 min/mi166-169 ft
67:15 min/mi171-73 ft
77:23 min/mi1723 ft
87:17 min/mi172-22 ft
97:38 min/mi172-2 ft
107:18 min/mi171-16 ft
117:11 min/mi167-17 ft
127:02 min/mi170-21 ft
137:31 min/mi1725 ft
147:26 min/mi17012 ft
157:34 min/mi17122 ft
167:41 min/mi17325 ft
177:09 min/mi1708 ft
187:23 min/mi1637 ft
197:50 min/mi17349 ft
207:04 min/mi17316 ft
217:31 min/mi173100 ft
227:50 min/mi17656 ft
237:18 min/mi167-69 ft
0.47:19 min/mi1733 ft
Total2:53:4923.4 mi7:25 min/mi171
113:431.90 mi7:14 min/mi166
29:151.10 mi8:24 min/mi175
320:382.82 mi7:18 min/mi169
47:170.97 mi7:29 min/mi173
58:531.19 mi7:26 min/mi171
623:193.13 mi7:27 min/mi170
718:282.47 mi7:28 min/mi172
811:461.57 mi7:31 min/mi171
98:341.11 mi7:44 min/mi173
1014:491.98 mi7:28 min/mi166
117:040.89 mi7:57 min/mi176
129:591.32 mi7:34 min/mi173
137:530.96 mi8:12 min/mi175
1412:041.62 mi7:27 min/mi170

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