Lots of police about, something going on 🤔

Glute slightly niggly at the start, but soon improved and the run otherwise felt good. ITB felt the best it has yet. HR was measuring high until I accidentally saved the run at 7.5 miles. After that it started measuring much more like how the effort felt.

17:32 min/mi15413 ft
27:32 min/mi163-2 ft
37:45 min/mi166-5 ft
47:40 min/mi1694 ft
57:40 min/mi17114 ft
67:40 min/mi175-12 ft
77:33 min/mi172-1 ft
87:28 min/mi165-23 ft
97:28 min/mi163-1 ft
107:20 min/mi15910 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:16:00 10.0 mi 7:34 min/mi166
1 57:03 7.48 mi 7:37 min/mi167
2 18:57 2.56 mi 7:23 min/mi161

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