Medium-long run via Hampstead Heath

Bit tired and slightly hung over today, so took things pretty easy. Pleased that I still made it out, and legs felt good despite having already done a 10 miler yesterday.

18:43 min/mi14812 ft
28:42 min/mi1565 ft
38:39 min/mi16455 ft
48:33 min/mi157-23 ft
58:32 min/mi16279 ft
68:37 min/mi16113 ft
78:23 min/mi155-53 ft
89:02 min/mi167165 ft
99:03 min/mi165126 ft
109:01 min/mi152-157 ft
118:00 min/mi15924 ft
128:25 min/mi160-23 ft
0.49:10 min/mi16752 ft
Total1:47:0912.4 mi8:39 min/mi159
123:162.60 mi8:56 min/mi155
223:252.65 mi8:50 min/mi160
318:262.08 mi8:51 min/mi159
411:241.19 mi9:33 min/mi169
514:211.67 mi8:36 min/mi153
616:151.82 mi8:56 min/mi162

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