Medium-long via Victoria Park

Not sure that 6:46 mile 12 is quite right, but pleased with the pace today generally. Slightly cooler weather helps I think. Legs feeling pretty fresh this week despite it being my highest mileage week so far, which is positive.

17:33 min/mi150-59 ft
27:42 min/mi16619 ft
37:32 min/mi165-21 ft
47:06 min/mi165-108 ft
57:17 min/mi169-83 ft
67:36 min/mi17032 ft
77:17 min/mi165-64 ft
87:18 min/mi171-1 ft
97:33 min/mi171-6 ft
107:27 min/mi167-10 ft
117:19 min/mi1683 ft
126:46 min/mi166-8 ft
137:36 min/mi16814 ft
0.87:27 min/mi16910 ft
Total1:42:0813.8 mi7:23 min/mi167
127:043.60 mi7:31 min/mi161
219:142.57 mi7:28 min/mi169
36:370.90 mi7:22 min/mi165
412:461.71 mi7:27 min/mi171
522:583.03 mi7:34 min/mi167
613:251.73 mi7:44 min/mi169

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