Recovery run down to the City

Strava measuring 0.2 miles further than Garmin… looking at the tracks I think it’s Garmin that’s closer to the truth this time, usually it’s the other way around!

18:39 min/mi154-18 ft
28:15 min/mi156-119 ft
38:16 min/mi156-112 ft
48:07 min/mi15614 ft
58:28 min/mi162-49 ft
68:21 min/mi162-18 ft
0.78:10 min/mi162-5 ft
Total55:566.7 mi8:20 min/mi158
118:492.18 mi8:37 min/mi155
215:201.80 mi8:30 min/mi157
321:462.53 mi8:36 min/mi162

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