Track session (6 × (200m, 200m, 400m))

Equal distance recoveries. Still getting used to these shorter distance intervals – they’re hard work! Aiming for Daniels “I” pace of 1:24 per 400m, so pleased to hit this +/- a few seconds consistently the whole way through.

18:09 min/mi161-14 ft
28:09 min/mi158-108 ft
38:05 min/mi167-15 ft
46:52 min/mi175-11 ft
57:28 min/mi182-1 ft
67:33 min/mi1800 ft
77:48 min/mi1771 ft
87:50 min/mi1781 ft
97:46 min/mi177-2 ft
107:56 min/mi15029 ft
0.48:38 min/mi165-3 ft
Total1:21:1210.4 mi7:48 min/mi170
12 ×:40.5200m5:25 min/mi
6 ×1:24.0400m5:37 min/mi
Average1:22.5400m5:31 min/mi
WU26:503.26 mi8:13 min/mi162
1:39200m5:13 min/mi173
R1:07200m8:59 min/mi182
2:40200m5:21 min/mi180
R1:08200m9:07 min/mi186
31:23400m5:33 min/mi190
R2:28400m9:55 min/mi176
4:39200m5:13 min/mi177
R1:11200m9:31 min/mi185
5:40200m5:21 min/mi182
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi186
61:24400m5:37 min/mi188
R2:29400m9:59 min/mi175
7:41200m5:29 min/mi174
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi183
8:41200m5:29 min/mi179
R1:11200m9:31 min/mi184
91:25400m5:41 min/mi188
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi168
10:41200m5:29 min/mi175
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi181
11:41200m5:29 min/mi179
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi182
121:23400m5:33 min/mi187
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi171
13:40200m5:21 min/mi177
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi182
14:41200m5:29 min/mi179
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi181
151:25400m5:41 min/mi183
R2:38400m10:35 min/mi171
16:43200m5:46 min/mi173
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi179
17:40200m5:21 min/mi175
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi182
181:24400m5:37 min/mi186
R:3147m17:41 min/mi190
WD9:541.15 mi8:36 min/mi150

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