Track tempo session (4 mi @ LT)

Felt a bit hungover today, and legs didn’t feel too strong on the warmup to the track so I wasn’t sure how this session would pan out. Felt strong once I got going though and managed a good, consistent pace.

18:23 min/mi157-10 ft
28:07 min/mi157-108 ft
38:10 min/mi165-16 ft
46:40 min/mi181-11 ft
56:38 min/mi1880 ft
66:31 min/mi186-1 ft
76:35 min/mi186-1 ft
88:05 min/mi16430 ft
98:51 min/mi16071 ft
Total1:08:109.0 mi7:33 min/mi170
125:503.14 mi8:13 min/mi159
226:304.05 mi6:32 min/mi186
315:501.82 mi8:41 min/mi160

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