Wet wet wet long run

Thought my legs might be a bit heavy today after a big mileage week and a parkrun yesterday, but to my surprise they felt really fresh. It poured down for most of the run, gotta love the British summer!

17:34 min/mi-48 ft
27:38 min/mi-34 ft
38:24 min/mi176 ft
47:29 min/mi-99 ft
57:19 min/mi-174 ft
67:16 min/mi-62 ft
77:33 min/mi1 ft
87:37 min/mi5 ft
97:32 min/mi8 ft
107:48 min/mi67 ft
117:32 min/mi-59 ft
127:54 min/mi53 ft
137:46 min/mi36 ft
148:04 min/mi123 ft
157:28 min/mi-89 ft
167:35 min/mi47 ft
0.17:26 min/mi15 ft
Total2:03:2816.1 mi7:39 min/mi
113:381.80 mi7:34 min/mi
29:131.10 mi8:21 min/mi
320:412.81 mi7:22 min/mi
429:533.95 mi7:33 min/mi
59:461.27 mi7:42 min/mi
67:310.95 mi7:57 min/mi
710:481.38 mi7:48 min/mi
87:270.93 mi8:02 min/mi
914:261.93 mi7:27 min/mi

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