Aztec West Fast 5K March 2017

Made the schoolboy error of starting too far back. By 1k I had settled and felt pretty good, but a stitch at 3k made the rest of the race hard. Mentally gave up a bit due to the stitch when I should have pushed on. Disappointed not to have run a bit faster, but on the plus side still managed to match my PB despite he stitch, and my legs felt great afterwards – like they have barely been for a jog! So that tells me they’re hopefully nice and strong for the marathon…

13:395:51 min/mi14516 ft
23:385:51 min/mi1357 ft
33:395:51 min/mi133-23 ft
43:466:04 min/mi13418 ft
53:436:05 min/mi133-1 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 18:31 3.1 mi 5:57 min/mi136
1 3:37 0.62 mi 5:52 min/mi145
2 3:40 0.63 mi 5:50 min/mi135
3 3:36 0.61 mi 5:53 min/mi133
4 3:46 0.63 mi 6:01 min/mi134
5 3:43 0.62 mi 6:02 min/mi133

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