Back at the track (4×800m)

First track session for ages! Not as bad as I feared it might be.

19:08 min/mi1675 ft
27:20 min/mi1900 ft
37:22 min/mi1903 ft
47:45 min/mi184-5 ft
0.98:58 min/mi1760 ft
Total40:044.9 mi8:06 min/mi181
4 ×3:21.0800m6:44 min/mi
Average1:40.5400m6:44 min/mi
WU8:510.95 mi9:17 min/mi167
13:20800m6:42 min/mi193
R2:20400m9:23 min/mi182
23:22800m6:46 min/mi194
R2:06400m8:26 min/mi177
33:24800m6:50 min/mi193
R2:16400m9:07 min/mi184
43:18800m6:38 min/mi195
R2:01400m8:06 min/mi173
WD9:011.01 mi8:58 min/mi175

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