Bit of a weird long run

Struggled with a stitch for the first 5 miles, and my HR was about 10 bpm higher than what the effort felt like. Then started to struggle with “stomach issues” and ended up cutting the run short. I’m never taking two days off running again!

17:53 min/mi168-57 ft
28:03 min/mi172-37 ft
38:40 min/mi182182 ft
47:54 min/mi175-88 ft
57:48 min/mi169-201 ft
67:39 min/mi172-59 ft
77:53 min/mi175-19 ft
87:58 min/mi175-22 ft
97:49 min/mi17718 ft
108:04 min/mi172-30 ft
117:41 min/mi169-22 ft
128:34 min/mi15931 ft
0.67:50 min/mi1662 ft
Total1:41:0312.6 mi7:59 min/mi172
114:561.87 mi7:59 min/mi171
29:171.08 mi8:35 min/mi179
321:252.75 mi7:46 min/mi172
47:350.97 mi7:51 min/mi177
59:091.14 mi8:00 min/mi174
630:203.84 mi7:53 min/mi170
78:170.99 mi8:22 min/mi162

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