Easy eleven dodging the minor floods

Really pleased with the pace and effort level today. First time since taking a week off at the end of October I’ve felt properly back on it.

17:06 min/mi1561 ft
27:10 min/mi164-5 ft
37:22 min/mi1638 ft
47:14 min/mi152-13 ft
57:09 min/mi1491 ft
67:21 min/mi161-9 ft
77:09 min/mi162-1 ft
87:17 min/mi164-12 ft
97:17 min/mi1607 ft
107:07 min/mi156-5 ft
117:12 min/mi155-2 ft
0.16:27 min/mi1563 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:19:58 11.1 mi 7:13 min/mi158
1 1:19:58 11.08 mi 7:13 min/mi158

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