Easy run to break in new pair of Bostons

My existing pair of Adidas Boston Boosts I want to run the marathon in have over 500 miles in them now, so I tracked down a fresh pair today ready for the marathon. I know you’re not supposed to use new stuff in a race, but they’re the same model and size as my old ones so it should be fine.

Shoes felt good on this run, so I’m all set. Three days to go!

18:47 min/mi141-61 ft
29:09 min/mi156-39 ft
39:37 min/mi170142 ft
48:50 min/mi17231 ft
58:49 min/mi161-122 ft
0.49:27 min/mi1600 ft
Total48:485.4 mi9:04 min/mi160
118:132.00 mi9:05 min/mi149
27:210.74 mi9:54 min/mi170
310:021.08 mi9:19 min/mi172
413:111.48 mi8:53 min/mi161

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