Easy with two miles at marathon pace

What Pfitzinger calls a “dress rehearsal”. Happy enough with the two miles at marathon pace, little slower than planned but the route is uphill. Legs feeling good for Sunday.

19:00 min/mi15417 ft
28:21 min/mi1757 ft
38:13 min/mi18257 ft
48:50 min/mi169-24 ft
58:56 min/mi17148 ft
69:26 min/mi177128 ft
0.88:50 min/mi18064 ft
Total1:00:016.8 mi8:48 min/mi173
19:251.02 mi9:11 min/mi154
216:342.03 mi8:10 min/mi179
323:562.64 mi9:03 min/mi172
410:051.12 mi9:00 min/mi180

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