Fasted medium-long run

Tried to take things a little easier ahead of Bath on Sunday. Lets felt ok, little tired but not too bad.

17:43 min/mi161-59 ft
27:59 min/mi163-36 ft
38:39 min/mi173184 ft
48:04 min/mi167-91 ft
57:49 min/mi162-165 ft
68:01 min/mi163-73 ft
78:07 min/mi164-11 ft
88:24 min/mi16338 ft
98:12 min/mi166-17 ft
108:17 min/mi17168 ft
118:20 min/mi16642 ft
128:41 min/mi170105 ft
Total1:38:3012.0 mi8:11 min/mi166
115:161.94 mi7:51 min/mi163
29:081.07 mi8:34 min/mi172
322:162.80 mi7:56 min/mi164
418:052.19 mi8:15 min/mi163
58:461.07 mi8:13 min/mi166
617:412.13 mi8:18 min/mi169
77:150.83 mi8:46 min/mi170

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