Fasted tempo around Victoria Park
(6 mi @ LT)

Really struggled to get up to LT heart rate today, probably a combination of running on an empty stomach and tiredness in the legs. Nonetheless pleased with the pace at what was effectively marathon effort HR levels.

18:14 min/mi161-1 ft
28:00 min/mi153-154 ft
37:29 min/mi160-91 ft
47:26 min/mi16820 ft
57:11 min/mi167-52 ft
66:16 min/mi1822 ft
76:58 min/mi182-3 ft
87:03 min/mi180-5 ft
96:58 min/mi180-3 ft
106:57 min/mi179-1 ft
117:00 min/mi1815 ft
127:37 min/mi1687 ft
0.97:57 min/mi162-3 ft
Total1:34:3212.9 mi7:19 min/mi170
116:111.93 mi8:22 min/mi157
215:311.97 mi7:51 min/mi164
36:430.89 mi7:33 min/mi166
441:596.02 mi6:58 min/mi181
514:061.71 mi8:13 min/mi164

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