Final double-digit run

I’ve been feeling a bit stir-crazy over the past few days with the lack of running, so it was nice to get out for a proper run. Plan was to take things easy, however while the pace was about where I was aiming, effort was a lot higher than I’d have liked. It was quite windy which didn’t help, and I’ve got to expect these kind of off runs during taper, so not going to freak out.

Less than seven days to go!

18:06 min/mi156-58 ft
28:20 min/mi165-36 ft
38:42 min/mi178184 ft
47:57 min/mi178-90 ft
58:04 min/mi168-167 ft
68:14 min/mi168-73 ft
78:22 min/mi174-14 ft
88:16 min/mi17852 ft
98:17 min/mi173-30 ft
108:36 min/mi17771 ft
118:29 min/mi17433 ft
128:38 min/mi17592 ft
Total1:40:1512.0 mi8:20 min/mi172
115:431.91 mi8:13 min/mi161
29:271.09 mi8:41 min/mi176
322:512.84 mi8:03 min/mi171
417:472.13 mi8:20 min/mi176
58:581.07 mi8:21 min/mi173
619:132.26 mi8:30 min/mi176
76:140.72 mi8:42 min/mi176

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