Final easy canal run

HR still a bit high, but have to accept that – it will have been suppressed during heavy training and it always creeps up during taper. At least the pace was a bit more like it today.

16:54 min/mi117-15 ft
27:04 min/mi1557 ft
37:29 min/mi16620 ft
47:22 min/mi16714 ft
57:21 min/mi165-14 ft
67:31 min/mi168-24 ft
77:35 min/mi167-1 ft
87:13 min/mi1704 ft
0.16:41 min/mi17211 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 59:07 8.1 mi 7:19 min/mi160
1 29:06 4.02 mi 7:14 min/mi152
2 29:57 4.01 mi 7:27 min/mi168

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