First medium-long run of the marathon campaign

Back to slogging it out over longer distances during weekdays! Legs felt pretty good despite the LT session yesterday.

Heart rate still a little higher than the effort feels. Went out and got a Scosche Rhythm+ to replace my Mio Alpha, but they were reporting pretty similar heart rates so it’s not that. Must still have some kind of bug hanging around me, I feel ok in myself so hopefully it’ll shift soon.

18:25 min/mi16316 ft
28:04 min/mi17410 ft
38:21 min/mi17553 ft
48:07 min/mi169-24 ft
58:11 min/mi17420 ft
68:05 min/mi17321 ft
78:22 min/mi17979 ft
88:38 min/mi182135 ft
98:00 min/mi173-46 ft
108:13 min/mi172-15 ft
119:02 min/mi17452 ft
Total1:31:4111.0 mi8:19 min/mi174
125:343.08 mi8:17 min/mi170
221:562.70 mi8:07 min/mi174
39:111.11 mi8:15 min/mi175
48:491.01 mi8:44 min/mi182
59:061.14 mi8:00 min/mi174
617:001.98 mi8:36 min/mi173

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