Track tempo session (4 mi @ LT)

First marathon training session! 18 weeks of the Pfitzinger 55-70 miles plan awaits. Haven’t really done any faster running since my parkrun PB two weeks ago so pleased to pretty much hit my Daniels recommended LT pace.

My heart rate is still reading higher than it should, so ran this at what felt like LT effort rather than based on HR. I shouldn’t really have been able to sustain the HR the Mio Alpha was reporting, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s faulty, or struggling with my skinny wrists in the cold. I’ve been eyeing up the Scosche Rhythm+ for a while now so this might be a good excuse to upgrade.


18:27 min/mi172-17 ft
28:40 min/mi170-100 ft
38:20 min/mi175-17 ft
46:17 min/mi198-10 ft
56:34 min/mi2021 ft
66:38 min/mi198-1 ft
76:36 min/mi1961 ft
88:05 min/mi17537 ft
98:37 min/mi17876 ft
0.38:37 min/mi18055 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:10:57 9.3 mi 7:37 min/mi183
1 25:52 3.04 mi 8:30 min/mi172
2 26:05 4.02 mi 6:29 min/mi199
3 :12 0.03 mi 7:42 min/mi161
4 18:46 2.22 mi 8:27 min/mi177

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