First post-Brighton run

Deliberately switched my Garmin to only display the heart rate gauge so I didn’t worry about pace. Glad I did as this was probably a little slower than I expected to be – although I have just run a marathon I guess!

Legs felt okay though, bit achey and flat but no injuries or niggles, which is the main thing. Will be having an easy week or two while I let the legs recover. My main goal is to start doing some yoga and strength conditioning, as I think my lack of stretching and strength work is a weakness that’s just asking for injuries…

19:23 min/mi156-64 ft
29:34 min/mi16224 ft
39:53 min/mi16749 ft
0.18:59 min/mi168-10 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 30:06 3.1 mi 9:35 min/mi162
1 30:05 3.14 mi 9:35 min/mi162

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